Academic department “Economics”

Aims of the economics academic department are as follows:

Preparation of specialist possessing modern methods of analysis, economic-mathematical modeling, capable of adapting in the contemporary circumstances of marketing economy.

Enlargement of the research character of students’ graduate qualification works.

Development of the research programme on complex theme “Social-economic problems of municipal education of the city of Kotelniki and ways of solutions to them”. Holding of scientific and research conferences, round tables, lecterns, contests.

Assistance in employment of graduates together with regional employers of the city of Kotelniki.


The main aim of the academic department is to create conditions for the preparation of specialists of new formation – achievement-oriented, competent in the sphere of their activities, possessing the high level of sense of responsibility.

Academic department prepares bachelors in the sphere of “Economics” awarding the qualification “Bachelor of economics”


Educational model of economist preparation is oriented on:

  • the combination of knowledge and competence approaches;
  • usage of forms and technologies of contextual education;
  • development of inter-disciplinary professionally-oriented modules of disciplines being studied;
  • multilevel character, combining universal compound of the high education and professional element at the course of preparing future specialist in the form of educational and on-the-job practices.

Development and modernization of material and technical base, scientific and methodological backing, forming of scientific and educational complexes and of future-oriented research areas based on the innovative economy of the real sector are provided at the academic department.

Training of teachers taken from the number of academic department graduates working in the region and pursuing postgraduate studies of the “Dubna” university is under development.

One of the most important areas of the academic department’s activities is inclusion of the students into scientific and research work with the participation of students in interuniversity and intramural scientific and practical conferences and olympiads.

Innovative strategy of the academic department provides further diversification of the scientific researches with the enterprises of the Moscow region and administration of the city district Kotelniki regarding questions of social and economic development of the region and Russian Federation.

Academic department’s graduates are able not only to carry out analytical, organizational-managerial, economic planning and project activities in economic, financial and analytical services and sub departments of enterprises of varied property forms of ownership, organizations, authorities, financial-credit and insurance institutions, audit services, authorities of state and local control, public and local self-government authorities, government and international institutions, but also to continue education and do the masters in the university “Dubna” or in other educational institutions.

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