The department of "Management and Sociology of Management"

The mission of the department:

-                     To educate, inculcate and develop in the students analytical and professional administrative skills, and the skill to estimate social and economic processes in municipalities;

-                     To provide the use of their own potential in different domains of management activity.

The Department educates graduate students of the course «State and Municipal Management», who are able to work out and take management decisions, the main goal of which is to provide well-being of every person in particular and of society on the whole.

In accordance with the curriculum the students do practical work at state and municipal institutions, acquiring practical management skills in the state and municipal branch.

The students of the department:

-                     Study methods of collecting and processing of information about the present political, social and economic processes, and the development trends;

-                     As future social systems managers the students of the department deal with the choice of efficient management decisions;

-                     Work out and use measures of regulatory control over social relations and processes of social and economic development;

-                     Are able to create conditions for the implementation of strategic and innovative management in the organization, and to take part in the elaboration of marketing strategies;

-                     Are able to develop enterprise activities in the region;

-                     Are able to participate properly in business negotiations and public appearances;

-                     Develop the skills of information technology use in the professional domain.

The graduate of the department is ready for the professional work of state and municipal management in the system of state agencies of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, in local self-government bodies, in other state agencies, organizations, and institutions of all ownership forms, as well as in administrative positions in state and municipal enterprisers, at research institutes and educational organizations, in political parties, social and political, and non-profit organizations.

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