The department "Information and Computer Science"

Information and computer science is a branch of science and technology including a combination of means and methods of human activity aimed at the creation and the use of:

  • The electronic computer, systems, and networks;
  • Automated systems of information processing, and management;
  • Systems of automated planning;
  • Software of computing hardware and automated systems.

Students of the department «Information and Computer Science» acquire skills in:

  • Design-and-engineering,
  • Production-and-Technology,
  • Research,
  • Organization and Management activities.

The aim of the department consists in preparation of Bachelors of Engineering and Technology within a framework of the course «Information and Computer Science», who possess skills in creation and application of modern automated systems of information processing, and management.

The department educates bachelors, who are able to use modern automated systems at all stages of their life cycle in different professional domains.

The graduate of the department is able to solve the following professional problems:

-                     The planning of program and automated systems hardware with the use of modern means of the planning automation;

-                     The use of cutting-edge instruments in the software development;

-                     Construction, overlapping, testing, and commissioning of computing hardware, computer networks;

-                     Programs and program systems installation, setting, and application of hardware-and-software systems;

-                     Teaching of enterprise staff to apply modern program and methodical complexes of investigation and automated planning;

The students of the department are active participants of intra- and interuniversity research and practice conferences, academic competitions, all-Russian and regional competitions.

Practical and work experience trainings are held in the leading scientific and manufacturing centers of Moscow and Moscow region, the main activity of which is elaboration and implementation of complicated program complexes. The qualification of the graduates of the department enables them to continue their studies in Master’s degree programme and postgraduate training program of the university «Dubna» or any other educational institution of higher professional education.

A high level of the students’ preparation of the department is confirmed by a successful job placement of the graduate students. The graduates of the department deal with the software elaboration and information systems application in different professional domains: state and municipal agencies of the city of Moscow and Moscow region, Sberbank of Russia, Federal State Scientific Institution «Gosmetodcentr», OJSC «Kamov», Federal; State Unitary Enterprise Federal Centre for Dual-use Technologies «Soyuz», OJSC Design Bureau «Ametist», etc.

The main educational programs:

-                     State and municipal management;

-                     Economics;

-                     Landscape architecture;

-                     Software engineering;

-                     Information and computer science.

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