Academic department “Natural and humanitarian sciences”

  • Provides proper grounding of students of full-time and part-time education forms in all the disciplines being lectured.
  • Extensively incorporates public defence of term papers and reports, holding of theme-based round tables, new academic technologies: simulation exercises, individual problematic tasks, tests etc. into the practice of teaching.
  • Develops the conscious self-sufficiency and mobility at the course of domain knowledge acquisition.

The work of academic department of natural and humanitarian sciences is aimed at development of the personality with knowledge, skills and abilities to structural and analytical thinking.

Complex academic system is applied for students grounding in special disciplines, it combines general humanitarian and social-economic, natural-scientific and general mathematical disciplines.

The academic department also conducts training on educational programme “Landscape architecture” at full-time and part-time education forms.

Students of the given course learn history and theory of landscape art with the basis of architecture and urban planning, they are taught architectural graphics and drawing, composition and landscape design, they also obtain knowledge in the sphere of engineering and technical disciplines (engineering construction, urban land improvement, vehicles and machinery, hydro-technical utilities), architectural-constructional disciplines (architecture, urban planning, landscape art, construction and exploitation), natural-biological disciplines (botanics, dendrology, genetics, selection, plant cultivation, silvics, flower cultivation, arboriculture) etc.

Organization and holding of practices are implemented in accordance with curriculum by agreements, made with enterprises and organizations of the city district Kotelniki, such as LLC “Russian green lawns Landscape, CJSC Agrocompany “Belaya dacha”, LLC “Belaya dacha flowers, LLC SPACRussian green lawns”, LLC agricultural enterprise “Russian green lawns”, LLC “Belaya dacha Garden Center” and other organizations of the Moscow region, which carry out production and technological, organizational and managerial, scientific and research and project and constructional activities in the sphere of garden-park and landscape construction and design.

Sphere of professional activities:

- decorative gardening;

- development and designing of objects of landscape architecture, garden and parking household;

- holding of technical computations on projects, development of methodological and normative documents;

- participation in management of the units of park and garden construction, in the development and bringing into life of events on the security and protection of the units of parking household.

- exercise of state control and supervision over observance of rules of objects construction maintenance of landscape architecture in populated areas.

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